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The British Bangladeshi Power & Inspiration (BBPI) is delighted to introduce the BBPI Foundation.

BBPI is a prestigious annual publication where the places on the list are coveted. Each year, we aim to highlight the people who keep the British Bangladeshi community moving forward and who demonstrate the strength of our collective future. The full BBPI list can be viewed at www.bbpower-inspiration.com. The list features leaders, innovators and emerging talent from the fields of business, technology, politics, media, public service and the arts.

There is now a network of BBPI Alumni who are a body of strength and a credit to our community and the country. The BBPI Foundation will tap into the strength of the alumni and deliver financial, networking and mentoring support to talented young British Bangladeshis from disadvantaged backgrounds. The BPPI Foundation offers the opportunity for one generation to leave a legacy for the next.

Our aims and values are to:

  • Promote talent, success and leadership
  • Deliver financial, networking and mentoring support to talented young British Bangladeshis enabling them to achieve to their highest potential
  • Harness the Power & Inspiration of the BBPI alumni and network
  • Create a legacy of support from one generation to the next

We hope you will join us by committing your skills, services and finances to the BBPI Foundation so we can take the project through the next five years and beyond.

Together we will break boundaries and encourage achievement at the next level.

BBPI Role Models

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To donate please email us with your full name, telephone number and confirm the size of your donation to info@bbpower-inspiration.com and make your payment directly into our account using your name as a reference:

BBPI Foundation
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Account number: 53884252
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The Government's "Building A Stronger Britain Together" campaign is supporting the work of the BBPI Foundation through a programme of in-kind support, helping to strengthen local areas and creating cohesive communities.